Immunization Prices

(Self Pay prices and if insurance does not cover these immunizations)

**Medicare covers flu vaccines

Tdap - $65 (not covered by Medicare)              
Flu - $35
TB test/read - $50

Prescription Policy

In order to serve our patients with the highest level of care, we only refill prescriptions during an office visit with a provider. This is best done in a face to face format, with lab results and a physical examination, which allows the provider to confirm the effectiveness of your prescribed medicines and evaluate any potential adverse effects of the medicines.

Therefore, it is our policy NOT to refill prescriptions over the phone. If the patient has run out of medication a small quantity may be called in until the patient can visit with their provider. However, antibiotics and narcotics will not be filled without a scheduled appointment.

Please know, there are many variables when filling a prescription that are beyond the control of the provider (ie. Insurance requirements, pharmacy policy). We make every reasonable effort to assist you, but occasionally, we are not able to solve these problems for you.

Same Day Cancellation and No Show/No Call Policy

Please notify our office at 480-759-5151 twenty-four hours in advance if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. This allows us time to serve another patient in that appointment time. Patents with consecutive no show/no call appointments will be billed a $50 (first time) and $100 (second and any subsequent times) charge.

Form Charges

There will be a charge assessed for the completion of any forms. These charges are not covered by insurance carriers and are due at the time of service, in addition to any applicable office visit fees.

FMLA form - $125 
Temporary Disability form -$125 
Wellness Exam Forms - $50 per page
Custom Letters - $50-250